Prototype: Week 2

Prototype: Week 2


So here we are! 

Making a prototype while we finish up Lance A Lot: Enhanced Edition. Our two interns, Randy & William have been working hard to get things working! And what we've got going is... a lot more to do! 

At this moment we aren't entirely ready to tell the public exactly what it is we are working on. What we can say is it's a 3D Top Down action game that's like Doom/Dark Souls/Binding of Isaac. Rasmus has been talking about making it handcrafted once more, because who doesn't like that delicate handcrafted touch in video games?

What have we started then?

Randy and William have been working on the core mechanics. Grabbing, lifting and throwing with a few different attacks. Light, strong and a dash attack, that you can see below. 

There is a whole system for easy creation of new combos and attacks/moves as long as the animation is present. Say you want to have a 4-hit combo instead of a 3-hit combo, or perhaps after a dash move you want a powerful leap? All that needs to be done is set up some events in the animation for the combo timing window, and set the move options in the form of damage numbers and the like. Hook up the animation afterwards via a transition in the animator which will automatically be triggered and voila! You have a new move. I hope this makes it easy to continue prototyping with combos and special moves throughout the early and later stages of development. Another thing: the system is used for both the player and any other creature that should be able to do moves, so it is fairly simple to create advanced attack patterns for bosses and whatever else we can think of!
— Randy the Intern

While it isn't absolutely perfect yet, it's been amazing watching it grow each week! That's about all we have to show though. In around two weeks I'll get to start the concept art and will be showing you the development of our first enemies and our player characters!


In the meantime! It seems we will be moving our office downstairs pretty soon! We've been growing a bit as a company, taking on these two new interns who demanded things like desks, and chairs and like... computers. Unecessary frivalous things. So we ourselves need more room. It's a bit cramped in here. It would be nice to actually use the couch as a couch and not a desk chair. 


Let's Make A Dev Blog


Let's Make A Dev Blog

Dev Blog! Do It!

Well it's about time that we start a Dev Blog. While we finish up Lance A Lot: Enhanced Edition, we've also been working on the prototype for our next game. While we aren't entirely ready to announce exactly what it is, we're dedicated to showing you as much content as possible each week! But since this is the very first blog post, we could probably do a little bit of introductions. 

Who Are You?

First off, we are Rocket Hammer! We're dedicated to making action-packed games brimming with dark humor and irony! While you won't see that too much in our first project, everything going forward will start to reflect these goals. 

Rocket Hammer itself was formed in 2016 by five students from the University of Skövde. The current team consists of Rasmus Hofréus, Erik Thomasson Forsberg, Anton Ehn, Calvin Kingsly Ward, and our two interns Randy Schouten, and William Augustsson.



Our CEO and Game Designer. Our company founder and one and only game designer! Rasmus has been designing games since he was a small child, mostly pen and paper and table-top games. To him, it was only natural to get into game design.  Our tireless leader, we're pretty sure he doesn't ever stop designing in his head. He's noted many times that he's never going to retire, and will probably still make games while in the grave.



Programmer. Noob hacker. Probably wants to go to bed. Our lead programmer falls into most of the programming stereotypes and most likely can be found in a dark programming dungeon. Like the mysterious bigfoot, it's extremely rare to catch a glimpse of him outside his natural habitat. But despite all that, his talents and eagerness to figure out how to do things before people actually ask him to make him an office treasure. It isn't a day without Erik insulting our gaming skills.

"Well he's not better than me at games but don't write that." - Rasmus


Office meme, Anton Ehn makes the art happen here at the office. 3D artist, he sculpts and handpaints just about everything around here. He's been making art since he was a toddler. From crayons and glue to just about every 3D modeling program. Needless to say, he's almost the one who makes all our slack emojis and photoshops everyone doing things that aren't necessary in his free time. 



That would be me, the one doing all the blogging. PR & Art Direction, I do a lot of things. For this project, I'll take lead in all the PR & Marketing as well as creating the concept art and writing up as much lore for the game as physically possible. Performance artist, noise musician, animator, poet. I just wear a lot of hats and am enthusiastic about everything all the time. I'm also from Seattle if that counts for anything. 

We'll be making our first blog post about the next game itself tomorrow! But for right now, enjoy the team for a bit! You'll hear more from us, and check out our facebook page while you're at it for videos and other things to come!