Hey there! It's us. We exist. We just released a game. And now we're here to talk about more games. If you haven't given it a look through, Lance A Lot: Enhanced Edition has been released! It's available for purchase on steamSo that brings us to one question! What are we working on now? Everything is still so early in development and prone to change, but there is one thing we are sure of.

It's Going To Be Colorful & Violent

Do you like dark humor? Yeah, we do too. So we're going to pivot ourselves into a direction of dark humor. 

For the past month we've been working on a prototype for a rather hellish game. Recently, we put that on hold for just a little bit since it's going to require an insane amount of preproduction. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with the possibility of cactus cannons. Beezooka guns. It leaves us with something that's going to be ultra violent and ultra colorful. What is it though?

Battle Royale

We are starting an online battle royale! Take the fast paced and short weapon lifespan of Hotline Miami and slam it together with a bit of Enter The Gungeon. Toss in some zany Super Scribblenauts 2 weapons like cactus cannons and beezookas and you have a low poly, brightly colorful yet ultra violent online battle royale. 

The rounds start with smaller weapons. Grab some scissors, grab a fish, grab a cup of hot coffee and eliminate one another. As time goes by you'll start to find swords, axes, giant cannons that send you flying back a little bit. Then the revolvers come in, the shotguns, the cactus cannons. Still not enough? Well I don't know, maybe shoot off someones arm or leg. They'll still be able to move around, just without an arm or leg. Maybe they can retaliate, seek revenge. Pick up your own severed arm and beat the hell out of the other person with it. We'd love to make that happen.



For this game we're giving it a shot to deviate to a very heavily stylized low-poly. We're deriving inspiration from a bit of a cyberpunk theme, but still trying to think of whether to go more modern or give it a more 80's retro feel to fit our plot line (plot line soon to be announced as we flesh it out a bit more). The bright and colorful palette will give a contrast to the ultra violence. Our artist, Anton, has also started shaping out a character. Still needs a bunch of tweaks, but it's so good to see it started and see how it'll be shaped next week!

Fresh start to our player character!

Fresh start to our player character!

What a handsome chap!

What a handsome chap!

Keyboard Wizards

While the characters are being fleshed out, our lovely keyboard wizards are hard at work slamming their hands and faces down on the keys. With Randy working on the game feel and level editors, Erik is tasked with getting a network solution properly researched, tested and implemented. These are the guys that are going to smooth everything out. 

Level editor that Randy has been working on

Level editor that Randy has been working on


When it comes to this game, our number one priority is making sure it all feels nice. That when you hold a revolver, it feels nice to hold it. Aim, to shoot. To move the player character and shoot at the same time. Style might be something we're extremely excited about, but it's the gamefeel that's more important to us at this time.

Sometime in the Winter, we'll quite possibly have a working build to show off and get tested by some folks. So keep your eyes out! Follow us around as we reveal more and more designs, concepts, programming stuff, photos of weird things in the office!