Lance A Lot


  • Developer: Rocket Hammer
  • Development Time: 6 months
  • Release Date: October 18th 2016
  • Platforms: PC (Steam, Humble Store), Xbox One (Q3 2017)
  • Price: $14.99 - €14.99 - £10.99
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  • Winner of GAMER'S CHOICE - Swedish Game Awards 2016
  • Nominated for BEST EXECUTION IN DESIGN - Swedish Game Awards 2016
  • Nominated for INTERNATIONAL PRIZE - Ludicious Award 2017


Lance A Lot was developed by a team of five students in roughly six months.

Enhanced Edition Release on Steam & Xbox One

No final release date as of yet, but we are planning to launch Lance A Lot on Xbox One in Q3 2017, and update the Steam version sometime before the console release.


Lance A Lot is a local party game that pits 4 friends against each other in GLORIOUS rocket-powered combat! Fly across the sky on a noble rocket steed and use your lance to send worthy adversaries plummeting towards the ground. In the end there can only be one knight left standing!


  • USE YOUR LANCE, A LOT. A single strike with the tip of the lance is all it takes to unseat an opponent. Hence, you are always one hit away from triumph – or defeat. 
  • JOUST ON ROCKETS. Because horses are for peasants – true knights battle in the skies!
  • PLAY WITH PHYSICS. Most objects in the environment can be bounced, bent, thrown or moved. 
  • CHANGE THE RULES. Play around with different mutators to create your own style of jousting.
  • DOMINATE THE SKIES. Compete across a variety of islands in 4 different modes. Duel rivals in single combat or clash in free-for-all modes like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag.


Art & Logos



Dropbox Link (download all images, gifs and logos)

Full Press Kit

Rocket Hammer



Rocket Hammer was founded in February 2016 by five students from the University of Skövde.


We specialize in making great games with clever names.

Team Setup

Rasmus Hofréus
Designer & CEO

Erik Thomasson Forsberg


Anton Ehn
Character Artist



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