Do you like action-packed games brimming with dark humor? We do too! Come and join us at Rocket Hammer! We're always looking for talented people to come join our team and expand our games even further. For us, it isn't about the degrees you have, the years of experience you've collected - it's the talent, enthusiasm for your work and projects and the creative drive to continue to always improve yourself and your work.

We are open to all applications, but at the moment we have a high priority for a few positions:

  • Animator - Animate our games! Make things move, make the arms wiggle, rig up an entire monster to destroy worlds with.
  • 3D Artists - Literally put a face behind our ideas and take the lead in our dark plan to bring games to life. Looking for character & environment folks, so wow us with everything you've got.
  • Concept Artist - Draw things we have never seen before. Then put a party hat on it or something.


Need an internship? Join us as well! If you want to learn what it's like to work in the industry, we're here to show you how! Improve your skills and knowledge and make some great work while doing so! We are open to all internship applications.

Send your portfolio to